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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Divorce and Family Law Mediation?

It is a process to help and empower spouses and people who have children in common, to define the issues of their conflict, resolve their problems surrounding divorce and/or family law conflicts and formulate legally enforceable solutions.

How long will it take?

Unlike the traditional divorce and family law litigation through the court system, which can take months and even years, the mediation process can result in solutions much more quickly, and depending on the parties' level of commitment to the mediation process and the severity of the conflict, they can come to resolution in a matter of hours. The agreement must then be written by the mediator and then submitted to the Court to become a legally enforceable Court order.

Will I need my own lawyer?

No. Because Mr. Peretz is an attorney as well as a clinical social worker and former child and family therapist, he can draft your mediated agreement into a legally enforceable and binding document. Mr. Peretz can also draft and file the documents required by the Court to finalize your legal divorce or legal separation. 

However, we encourage spouses engaged in the divorce and family law mediation process to consult with their own independent attorney during the mediation process. Furthermore, once the mediation is successful and a mediated settlement agreement is drafted, we again encourage the spouses to have the agreement reviewed by independent counsel.   

How much does it cost?

Mediated agreements are typically much less expensive than litigated divorces and family law conflicts because the parties are negotiating the issues together with the mediator facilitating and focusing the process. You are paying one lawyer - Peretz Family Law & Mediation - instead of each party retaining their own attorney. Mr. Peretz charges by the hour, commensurate with the billing rates of similarly experienced divorce and and family law attorneys. However, Mr. Peretz also has experience as a trained family therapist and social worker. 

Will I have a legally enforceable agreement?

Yes. If both of the parties are committed and complete the mediation, the end result is a legally binding contract signed by the parties, which will become the written agreement that settles their dispute. This written agreement becomes a legally binding and enforceable Order of the Court. If you and/or your spouse decide to have your own independent attorney review the negotiated agreement, that is of course your absolute right. 

What if I am not happy with the mediation?

You and your spouse do not have to continue. You can end the mediation at any time. The mediation is not binding if either or both of you wish to end the mediation. You can elect to each retain attorneys and litigate the dispute in court, try to settle your dispute with independent attorneys, or you and your spouse can try to resolve the conflict yourselves.  

How shall I choose a mediator?

You and your spouse should make this decision together. The mediator does not represent both spouses, but rather represents both of your interests collectively. You should consult with a mediator with whom you feel comfortable and with whom you and your spouse together believe can facilitate this process with dignity, compassion and a keen understanding of the dynamics that have lead to your conflict.

What if my spouse and I cannot agree on anything?

Even parties going through the most bitter end to their marriage or relationship can mediate if they commit to examine equitable and reasonable solutions. The mediation process can facilitate a more healthy communication style and can help even the most acrimonious of conflicts come to an amicable solution. It is crucial to foster healthy communication at the end of your marriage or relationship, because even after the relationship is over, the parties are still connected for life and are still connected by the the bond they have with their children.

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