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Presidential Election 2012

Election 2012

Peretz Family Law & Mediation is a law firm dedicated to the advocacy of family and children's rights and interests.

To be clear, I do not espouse any political beliefs to my clients and I do not intend to use this forum to put forth any political agenda.

However, with the first presidential debate of the 2012 election two days away, I am hopeful that President Obama and Mitt Romney will share their specific views and policies on several issues that profoundly affect our families. In recent months, both President Obama and Mr. Romney have been less than forthcoming when answering questions and making stump speaches regarding their respective policies on hot button issues. The American people deserve to know where the candidates stand on the following issues:

Guns: In the wake of several horrific mass shootings, the President was hesitant to condemn the public's ready access to weapons, which can quickly and efficiently kill people. Why not clearly state that the public at large should not have access to guns? Period. The Second Amendment is sacrosanct and cannot be challenged by an elected official in an election year, if ever. Could the framers of the constitution have believed that the right to bear arms was an absolute right, which could not evolve with our sociey? Can we accept the intentional and accidental killings of our loved ones by handguns every year because a right bestowed in a different time for a different purpose must not be debated?

Marriage: On September 21, 1996 DOMA was enacted, which defined that marriage is between one man and one woman. Perhaps not one of President Clinton's shining moments. The clear majority of American's believe that marriage should not be defined so narrowly and the voters of several states have used their voices to pass laws reflecting this belief.

Hunger: In 2011, over 27% of children lived in poverty. Can we have an exchange of ideas on how this mind boggling reality can be cured? Can we spend more resources on the health of our citizens?

Education: We are scapegoating our teachers and making them unreasonably accountable for the failure of the public school system. Why not put more resources into education and less into prisons and the military industrial complex? Can we have clear positions from the candidates? Can the President and Mr. Romney address that the prison systems and the military are simply job progams on a grand scale. Why not funnel some of these resources into education?

Environment: If we do not address climate change our children's world will be profoundly compromised. Can the debates also include the candidate's plans and platforms for increasing green jobs, increasing water conservation, and supporting alternate forms of energy?

All of these issues effect our families and children today. I am hopeful that President Obama and Mitt Romney will be challenged by the debate moderators to address these issues so the voters can make an informed choice for their votes, their voice and the future.

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