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Supreme Court Decision on Hobby Lobby

So the Supreme Court decided (in a 5-4 decision) that closely held (private) for profit businesses can refuse to pay for a woman's contraception, using "religious objections" as their rationale.
Yes, private business owners can say, I will not honor the Affordable Health Care Act, I will not pay for your contraceptives, because it's against my religious beliefs. What does that mean?
Oh, and the contraceptives at issue: those that work AFTER conception. Mmmmm...
And what a surprise, the five on the decision were the conservative justices, the four liberal justices dissented.
To add a nice wrinkle to what has become a kangaroo Supreme Court virtually always voting, uh, deciding, in favor of the conservative agenda:
the five against a woman's right to free contraceptives are all men.
Yes, friends, five conservative men with a conservative political agenda decided that any private business owner who is against abortion, I mean, contraceptives (and why would one be against contraceptives?) can refuse because of a "religious objection."
The conservatives got two bites at the apple (sorry for the Garden of Eden reference - heathens, there are heathens everywhere).
They got to chip away Obama Care AND at a woman's right to control her body.

An interesting article on the topic

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